Sadly, the time has finally come to end our discounted Syringa Wireless Amazing Phone service plans.

Due to recent changes in federal support programs for rural wireless service providers, our discounted Amazing Phone service plans will be retired, beginning in January 2013.

Unfortunately, in November of 2011, the FCC announced changes to the Universal Service Fund that will eliminate funding for many “high-cost” services in rural markets. This is just another example of how the so called “national broadband plan” is actually making things worse for rural residents. This important rural cost-recovery funding was the source of the discounted pricing, and now this funding has been taken away from Syringa Wireless. You can learn more about these changes at www.usac.org

We have appreciated your loyalty as our wireless phone customers these past several years. You were the ones who decided to try Syringa Wireless when it was first launched as a project by several local Idaho rural phone companies. Syringa Wireless built over 80 towers in the most rural areas of southern Idaho, usually in small towns and places that had never had cell phone coverage before. We introduced these discounted “amazing phone” plans to get our customers in our rural markets to try our cell phone service—it was a low-risk, low cost proposition for you, and it worked. Most of our customers now have cell phones—for many of you, your first cell phone ever. We suspected that the USF funding for this program wouldn’t last forever, but we did not expect it to be eliminated so suddenly. Anyway, now that you have found how much you enjoy mobile phone service, we hope you will continue to support our Syringa Wireless service.

Of course Syringa Wireless service is still available at regular prices.  Click here to see that pricing. We feel these regular contract prices are still better than the big national corporations, which along with our better local customer service, creates better value for our rural customers. You will even still be able to get a phone plan for $25 a month. We trust that you will continue to choose Syringa Wireless for all your mobile phone needs. We will continue to improve our coverage in your area. In fact, Syringa will soon be launching unlimited 3G service in the Bear Lake area. We know of no other cell phone company that provides unlimited 3G service in our areas. As for 4G—no matter what the TV ads say, there are no national providers that currently have 4G in the rural markets we serve in Idaho. We hope to beat them to it.

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently under contract with the $10 Amazing Phone Plan, your pricing will be honored through the end of your contract period, even if it goes beyond January 2013.

If your contract has expired, or expires prior to January 2013, you may:

–        Continue paying your current rates on a month-to-month basis through
December 31, 2012. After that date you will have the option to choose from
any of our regular available service plans.

–        Upgrade now to a new phone and a new plan at our standard prices.

Please call us before then, so we can guide you through your new available cell phone options.

One great option, if you live in Montpelier or our other cable areas, is our new Cable Triple Play bundle that includes cable TV, high speed internet, and a Syringa Wireless phone with 1000 anytime national minutes altogether for only $99.95.

If you live in our phone exchange areas, we have another great new bundled option for you:

Our new Total Connection Bundle includes 6 Mb DSL internet, a home landline phone, and a Syringa Wireless Mobile Phone with 1000 national minutes, all together for only $99.95. This is a great way for you to keep your landline plus enjoy an affordable mobile phone. You can add all your favorite mobile features at regular Syringa prices, like unlimited texting for $15 and unlimited mobile data for $25.

We look forward to providing you with many more years of great cell phone service. Please call us today at 208 548 2345.