The Directcom Connection: Fall 2014 Customer Newsletter

Fall 2014 Customer Newsletter for Idaho Customers
Faster Speeds for Cable Customers after Network Upgrade
Direct Communications Cable completed a system-wide network upgrade during Summer 2014 that will allow residents in all cable franchise towns served by the company to receive up to 20 megabit-per-second internet speeds. This upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 means more bandwidth available for everyone, and more consistent speeds, especially during peak hours. Read more…

Directcom Sponsors Idaho High Schools Sports – 2014 Edition

Direct Communications donated $500 to each of the High School Athletic Programs within the company’s service areas again at the end of the 2013/2014 school year. Direct Communications has an ongoing program to support local high school athletics in the communities served by the broadband company, and offers incentive for student athletes to earn donations for their schools through their participation and own extra effort in all varsity games. Read more…

New Idaho Outages Calendar

Check out our new Outages calendar, which contains details on all outages in Directcom service areas in Idaho. Customers who are experiencing internet problems can check the outages calendar to see if there are any system-wide problems in their town before calling tech support. Read more…

Fiber Roll-out Continues in Rockland

The upgrade of Rockland from copper to Fiber-to-the-Home continues with the northern half of town under construction this year. What is the most challenging part of this project? Read More…

Cow Steps on Fiber- Knocks Out Cell Tower

In one of those moments unique to rural telecommunications, a cow stepped on some fiber optic cable that was exposed during some maintenance work last month in a pasture near the Cold Water area along the Snake River. Read More…

Customers Attend Internet Safety Class

Directcom hosted a community workshop in September demonstrating how to set up internet content filters. Customers from Paris, Fish Haven and Montpelier learned specific ways to block unwanted internet content through their router ensuring devices using the home WiFi network would be protected. If you have a specific request for a topic you would like us to instruct on, please send us your ideas. Read More…

Welcome to New Hires

Brenden Argyle

Direct Communications welcomes Bear Lake County native, Brenden Argyle, to the team as a new installation and combo tech.
Read more…

Matthew Kulicke
Matthew Kulicke hired as a new CSR/Sales Representative in our Paris Office. Matt genuinely likes working with people and loves the feeling of accomplishment when he has been able to help them. Read more…

Refer-a-Friend. Get $100.

Click here to refer your friends to us; help them get better internet service, and earn $100 per referral. Just send us their contact information, and we will do all the work for you. Your friend will be contacted within 2 business days by a Directcom representative. Refer as many friends as you like—you may never have to pay for internet service again.




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August 2012 Eagle Mountain Customer Newsletter

The Directcom Connection- Customer Newsletter

The Directcom Connection- Customer Newsletter August 2012

Network maintenance

Network maintenance has been scheduled for early Thursday morning, Aug 16, from 12:00 am– 4:00 am.

Service may be interrupted or unavailable during this time. We will be replacing some of our servers with newer models to prepare for a major capacity upgrade. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you if you are working after midnight on Thursday. We are constantly working to improve our network.

New Outages Mailing List

We also have a new Eagle Mountain Outages Mailing List, where we can make you aware of any upcoming maintenance outages via email. To subscribe to this list, please visit

If you previously subscribed to this list last year, please do so again, as this application has been recently modified and you will need to re-register your email to get onto the new list.

Refer-a-friend and get $100

Also, with back-to-school coming up, people will be thinking seriously about their internet service reliability, and now may be a good opportunity for you to tell your friends about the superior quality of Direct Communications High-Speed Internet, and give them your referral card.

If they sign up for Directcom Broadband, you will receive a $100 credit, and your friend will get a month of service FREE. Refer as many friends as you like—you may never have to pay for internet service again. Download a refer-a-friend card here.

Backbone capacity upgrade coming soon

Look out for a very exciting announcement regarding some new redundant fiber routes that we are busy completing to link Eagle Mountain to the national Internet hub in Salt Lake City, and also a major backbone capacity upgrade, all of which will mean even better service for you. Details on that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Join us on Facebook.

Direct Communications has a Facebook page exclusively for our Eagle Mountain customers, and we want you to join our group. Facebook is a great way for you to stay in touch with us for upcoming changes, immediate notifications, instant updates, specials and free stuff, and helps us keep in touch with what our customers need. A lot of improvements that we have made over the past couple of years have come from customer suggestions on facebook, which we welcome.

Like our Facebook page at

Direct Communications city-wide Wi-Fi Coverage update

You have probably heard by now that Direct Communications is working to blanket Eagle Mountain with Wi-Fi coverage. This will be a mobile service available to our DSL or Fiber broadband customers as a value-added feature. Even if you only subscribe to our starting internet package at your home, you will be issued a password to connect a mobile device to the new wifi network for free, so you won’t have to use your cell phone data plan while you are working, walking, running, or playing around Eagle Mountain. The higher the speed package you subscribe to at home, the more devices you will be able to authenticate for free. This story was covered by The Salt Lake Tribune, Provo Daily Herald, and Crossroads Journal. This will put Eagle Mountain on the map, as nothing has been attempted on a scale such as this anywhere in Utah. Read more at