Help Solve a Vandalism Crime in Eagle Mountain


On the morning of September 18, 2014, a vandalism crime targeting the fiber communications network in Eagle Mountain occurred, on the West side of Nolan park, at the SW corner of Tinamous Road & Red Hawk Ranch Road. A vandal got into a telecommunications pedestal, (see inserted picture of green metal box) and cut the fiber inside. This happened in broad daylight, and knocked out all internet to the Ranches Academy Elementary School.

Above-ground enclosure used for splicing, mounting of cross-connect systems, terminal blocks, and other telco equipment.

This above-ground enclosure was broken into and the fiber that was cut by a vandal.

We need your help. If you saw anyone opening that box this morning, please call:
Utah County Sheriff 801-794-3970
FBI 801-579-1400
or Direct Communications 801-789-2800.

Active case number 14UC09562.

location of fiber cut crime

location of fiber cut crime