How to Watch ESPN3

ESPN3 Basketball

ESPN3 Means More Basketball

Good news for Directcom Broadband customers–you have free, instant access to all sports events shown live, or on demand after the game, on ESPN3.

We are thrilled that more customers are accessing ESPN3 every day. We hope that you will come back and watch more events on ESPN3. Direct Communications pays Disney/ESPN for every one of our customers to have access to ESPN3, so we hope you will use this value-added benefit that comes with your internet service. If you are a Directcom Broadband customer, you will be able to watch ESPN3 events online while you are at home using a browser on your PC, or remotely (at work, for example) on a PC browser, if you activated remote access from your home PC.

Commonly Asked Questions about Watching ESPN3

How do I access ESPN3?

To access ESPN3, open a browser on your PC, go to our homepage and click on the ESPN3 link, or go directly to  No sign-in is required to watch ESPN3 events for Directcom internet customers. ESPN3 must be accessed through a browser, and not the WatchESPN mobile app.

TIP: The one app that will work with our service  is the ESPN app on the Xbox. If you have an Xbox,  this is probably the best and easiest way to access the games. The interface and  resolution is fantastic.

TIP2: Most BYU Football games shown on ESPN are made available on demand on ESPN3 immediately after the game.

What’s the difference between WatchESPN and ESPN3?

There is a big difference between the ESPN3 network, and the WatchESPN app. ESPN has not made the situation any less confusing for customers of small companies like us by also recently changing the name of their ESPN3 website  to WatchESPN, just like the mobile app. WatchESPN is the portal to access content shown on all of the ESPN networks–including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNClassic, etc. ESPN3 was the first online sports network made available by ESPN parent company, Disney, and Directcom was one of the first small ISPs to sign up as distributor of that exclusively online network back in 2010.  Now, ESPN3 is just one of the networks included in the whole WatchESPN portfolio. All of our internet subscribers have instant access to ESPN3, but not to the whole WatchESPN suite or WatchESPN app, which is still reserved for Cable TV or Satellite TV customers who already subscribe, and thus pay for access, to all those TV networks. ESPN is extremely protective of their revenue generated from Cable TV distribution.

Why can’t I sign in and use the WatchESPN mobile app?

We are still receiving a lot of calls from customers who are trying to access the games on their smartphones via the WatchESPN mobile app, and not seeing us listed as a provider there. Please do not attempt to use the WatchESPN mobile app. We provide free access to ESPN3 for our internet customers via our home internet service. The ESPN servers recognize our IP address range and provide access to the games to anybody on our network. The WatchESPN app works quite differently, and is strictly for customers of the big national cable TV providers-–do not attempt to use the WatchESPN app from your mobile device, because it will ask you to choose and login to your satellite or cable TV provider. To access ESPN3, which is what all the games will be shown on, from your PC, go to our homepage and click on the ESPN3 link, or go directly to If everything is working correctly, you will see a logo on the top right of the website saying “Powered by Direct Communications”.

The iPad, mobile phones, and most tablets will not work with ESPN3 service because by default they will always try to get you to download and use the WatchESPN app, which is only for the big cable TV providers. If your tablet has a regular internet browser that works like a PC browser (the first generation Kindle Fire, for example) will allow you to access ESPN3 events within the browser on a flash platform.

Can I watch ESPN3 if I’m away from home?

We get a lot of calls from customers trying to access the games from their workplace. There is a way to watch the games online on a regular PC browser, but it requires prior setup from YOUR HOME in Eagle Mountain or Idaho. TO WATCH REMOTELY: In order to watch when you are away from home, you will first need to activate remote access. To do this you will need to set up an ESPN online account while in your home network (ie, using our internet connection or IP addresses) and then activate remote access by clicking on the “Remote Access” button at the top right. That will allow several days of remote access, after which you will need to return to your home network and reactivate remote access again.

In summary, as long as you are on your home network (that is, on Directcom’s network within Eagle Mountain) and using one of our IP addresses, you will be able to access the games if you are using a regular computer browser or Xbox. If you are not on our network, or trying to use a mobile device or the WatchESPN app, you will have difficulty.  We have even had a couple of customers not being able to access ESPN3 because they were logged into a work VPN while at home, and ESPN3 will only work within our IP range.

Can I watch ESPN3 on a tablet or mobile phone?

The iPad, mobile phones, and most tablets will not work with just the ESPN3 service because by default they will always try to get you to download and use the WatchESPN app, which is only for cable TV providers. If your tablet has a regular internet browser that works like a PC browser (the first generation Kindle Fire, for example)  you may be able to access ESPN3 events within the browser on a flash platform. ESPN3 is best accessed on your PC or laptop, or via good streaming players like your Xbox or Roku.

When I click on the featured sporting event in the player window it asks me to log in and select my provider.

If you are an internet customer only, please only click on events that are being shown on the ESPN3 network. The login window will pop up when you click on non-ESPN3 events. You are probably trying to watch something that is on a different ESPN channel. The most common frustration experienced by internet customers occurs when customers try to access events on the WatchESPN website, which are not actually ESPN3 events. You will be able to see listings for all events on all networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU etc, but only will be able to successfully watch those being shown live or stored on demand on the ESPN3 network. Please ensure you only select content with the ESPN3 logo listed next to the event. You can filter by network on the website so that you are only viewing available ESPN3 events.

But Direct Communications Cable is listed as a provider on the WatchESPN app. Why can’t I sign in?

Direct Communications Cable in rural Idaho provides access to TV Everywhere as a value-added feature to our regular Cable TV services. Cable TV customers in Idaho will now have access to the entire WatchESPN app, if those Cable TV customers subscribe to a package that contains ESPN. Regular internet customers  will still only have access to ESPN3 unless they also subscribe to Cable TV. We are required by ESPN to submit verification of each TV customer’s package several times a day, which they cross reference with who is signing in to the app. (As we mentioned,  ESPN is extremely protective of their revenue generated from Cable TV distribution, and is not interested in cannibalizing that revenue.)

We understand this may be confusing to our customers using ESPN3 through our website.

As usual, to access ESPN3 content, you must be accessing ESPN3 from our home network.  If a customer clicks on non-ESPN3 content, they will be asked to select their TV provider.  As part of TV Everywhere, Direct Communications is now listed as an approved provider.  However, unless the customer also subscribes to our cable TV service, and has already signed up for a “watchTVeverwhere” login, it will not allow them to authenticate.

The most common frustration experienced by internet customers occurs when customers try to access events on the WatchESPN website, which are actually not ESPN3 events. You will be able to see listings for all events on all networks, but only will be able to successfully watch those on the ESPN3 network. Please ensure you only select content with the ESPN3 logo listed on the far right as demonstrated in the following snapshot:


Directcom Customer Newsletter -Idaho – Fall 2012

The Directcom Connection- Customer Newsletter

The Directcom Connection- Customer Newsletter September 2012

Here are a few updates about how we have been involved in your community this summer:

Directcom to Offer First 100 Mbps Residential Broadband Service in Idaho

Direct Communications will become the first major internet service provider in Idaho to offer 100 Mbps service to residential customers, when they roll out a 100Mb package to customers starting this month.

Fiber Optic Cable means more speed.

These unprecedented speeds have been made possible by the expansion of Direct Communications fiber-to-the-home service, which the company began installing in 2006 to a limited number of new homes, where it made more sense to install new optic fiber cable rather than copper lines. However, over the past two years, Directcom has begun a systematic upgrade of all the lines in their telephone exchange areas, replacing aging copper lines with new fiber optic cable all the way to individual customer homes. Once the fiber is in place, there is unlimited potential for more speed. 100Mb is about as much as most modern consumer-grade electronics equipment can handle.

Jeremy Smith, General Manager for Direct Communications operations in Idaho, explained why the company was aggressively pursuing converting to an all-fiber network: “I see fiber optic cable as being non-negotiable to ensure the economic future of rural America, not just for our customers but also for us to stay relevant as a communications provider. I simply don’t agree with the current Federal Administration’s philosophy that rural Americans don’t need as much speed as people in cities. Everybody needs good internet service; in fact I would argue that rural folks need high speed internet even more than their city counterparts because we are so remote, and fiber is the only way you can push a good broadband signal out far enough to reach all of our customers. Having access to unlimited broadband is the future to both economic development and personal educational opportunity. Someday, each home that wants to be part of the global information economy will probably require minimum speeds of 100 Mbps. We just wanted to get a head start.”


Watch More Football on ESPN3

More Football is on ESPN3

Have you tried ESPN3 yet? Just click on the ESPN3 link from our homepage to start watching. This is a fantastic complimentary feature that now comes included with your Directcom Internet subscription. Direct Communications is the only Internet Service Provider in Southeast Idaho that gives customers access to ESPN3. delivers more than 3,500 live online events a year from your favorite sports through an easy-to-use online interface. Features of the website include the ability to watch multiple games simultaneously, get real-time stats and scoreboards, and live chat for interacting with friends and other fans. ESPN3 will stream over 90 college football games during September, over 50 of which are exclusive. This fall ESPN3 will include games from BYU, Utah, Boise State and USU. Another great feature of ESPN3 is the ability to replay games on demand anytime, and the replays include very convenient bookmarks so that you can skip to all of the important plays. See the month’s schedule at

Arbon Fiber-to-the-Home Project Complete

This spring, Direct Communications engineers completed the upgrade of Arbon Valley from traditional copper telephone lines to Fiber-to-the-Home, enabling every resident in Arbon to receive broadband access.

The company’s fiber to the home rollout in Arbon began in the summer of 2009, and since then, Directcom crews have been working around the clock, laying fiber optic cable to all of the homes in the Arbon Valley. Even the very remote homes, from those miles up in the mountains to down the valley, can now receive better high-speed internet service than is available in most cities in the USA. The company began with Arbon because this exchange area had always been the most difficult to serve with traditional DSL over copper, and thus had the fewest broadband subscribers.

Direct Communications buried 158 miles of fiber optic cable in Arbon Valley, bringing fiber to about 90 homes.

Matt Farr, Engineer and Operations Manager for Direct Communications in Idaho, shows a typical Calix ONT that is installed on the side of a home to convert the fiber light signal to Ethernet and phone service.

Matt Farr, Engineer and Operations Manager stated: “Arbon was a good starting point for us because it was so open, the construction was straightforward, and there weren’t a lot of other utilities to worry about running into. Also, we had a lot of customers there in Arbon that simply could not receive any internet signal before, because the farms and homes were so spread out. Fiber was the solution. It’s been good to hear customers tell us things like: ‘We tried streaming Netflix for the first time ever last night—that was pretty cool.’”


This story was also published in the  Idaho State Journal, Sep 12, 2012.

“Arbon Valley just became a lot less remote thanks to an upgrade of its phone system to fiber optics. Every resident in Arbon now is able to receive broadband access.”

Click on the link below to read the ISJ article.

Good job to all the techs and crew involved, including Jason Garner, Brent Moss (now retired) Brad Medinger, Lucas McHargue, Phil Pratt, Steven Robinson, and the many others who invested several years of their lives working through mud, snow and wind to bring fiber broadband to the folks in Arbon.

Refer-a-friend and get $100

Refer a friend and get $100.

As families head back-to-school this month, people will be thinking seriously about their internet service reliability, and now may be a good opportunity for you to tell your friends about the superior quality of Direct Communications High-Speed Internet, and give them your referral card.If they sign up for Directcom Broadband, you will receive a $100 credit, and your friend will get a month of service FREE. Refer as many friends as you like—you may never have to pay for internet service again. Download a refer-a-friend card here.

Join us on Facebook.

Direct Communications has a Facebook page exclusively for our Idaho customers, and we want you to join our group. Facebook is a great way for you to stay in touch with us for upcoming changes, immediate notifications, instant updates, specials and free stuff, and helps us keep in touch with what our customers need. A lot of improvements that we have made over the past couple of years have come from customer suggestions on facebook, which we welcome.

Like our Facebook page at

Direct Communications at your county fair

Rachel and her steer with Kip Wilson at the Power County Fair 4H Auction.

This summer Directcom set up booths at the South Bannock County Fair in Downey, the Franklin County Fair in Preston, the Caribou County Fair in Grace, and the Bear Lake County Fair in Montpelier. We also supported the 4H program at the Power County Fair. We enjoyed being in your home towns, seeing your artwork, crafts, and even judging Apple Pie contests; meeting our customers, talking to local residents about our service and fiber optic cable network construction throughout these towns, and handing out candy, Frisbees and t-shirts. We also tried something new this year, and constructed a money/coupon wind booth, which we called our “Cash Cave.” Customers could step inside the Cave and had 30 seconds to grab as many bills or money-saving coupons as they could. We had several new customers, and 14 current customers, win free service in our cash cave, including one who grabbed a YEAR of FREE service. Come and see us next year again at the fair.Read more about our involvement at your fair at

New Outages Mailing List

Wehave a new Idaho Outages Mailing List, where we can make you aware of any upcoming maintenance outages via email. To subscribe to this list, please visit

If you previously subscribed to this list last year, please do so again, as this application has been recently modified and you will need to re-register your email to get onto the new list.

What We Did in 2011

2011- Although this year was one of increased uncertainty for the rural telecommunications industry, with the FCC and federal administration threatening to cut major funding sources for rural areas under the guise of the national broadband plan, Direct Communications as a company made some important strides forward to strengthen our company, get to know our customers better, improve our products and offerings, focus on our core business, improve our competitive position in the markets we serve, and acquire new customers and revenue sources.

Overall, 2011 was a very good year. Our employees and customers should feel satisfied that we made a real difference to our communities, and improved the quality of life in both Idaho and Utah during 2011. That is what makes even us in marketing sleep well at night. We spent the year expanding our fiber network to the vital institutions that serve your rural areas, like schools, hospitals, city, county and government buildings, doctors offices, libraries, small and large businesses, and of course, homes.

We were excited to upgrade to a new Metaswitch IP switch in our Idaho exchanges at the beginning of 2011. Direct Communications was the first telephone company in Idaho to implement a digital switch several years ago, and this new central switch replacement was another pioneering step for rural telecommunications in Idaho. The old digital switch was about the size of an average living room. The new switch is about the size of a small refrigerator. A major difference between the new one and the old switch, besides the size, is that this new switch was developed to take advantage of all the newest computer and internet advancements, especially in its ability to use IP protocol, to talk to modern electronic devices, like IP phones, computers, routers etc., and work on a fiber-optic network.

In Eagle Mountain, the year began with some great publicity as Direct Communications was awarded the 2010 Best Business of the Year by the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce.

After months of work, Direct Communications was able to open the doors to their new building on Campus Drive in Eagle Mountain in February, 2011.  Our grand opening was held in June, along with the ribbon cutting of the Eagle Mountain City business incubator program. The building has 8 “pods”, or office spaces, approximately 2500 square feet each.  Direct Communications houses four of the pods, Beyond Limits Physical Therapy occupies one pod, and the Eagle Mountain City incubator program has the remaining three pods.  After working in two separate areas for several years, Direct Communications was excited to have all of their employees at the same location. This new building signified an important coming-of-age for DCCV, which began as a start-up in the back of the fire station in 2006, and employees who remember all sharing a single bathroom and welcoming potential customers into the reception desk/storage area/stairwell, now had their own offices with hardwood trim—an unimaginable prospect 5 years ago. For more about the building see

We began the year with a couple of new marketing initiatives to launch our new brand position and tagline of “faster streaming broadband” and started by giving away a year-long subscription to Netflix streaming to all new customers in January.  In February we gave away a Roku streaming media player to all new customers. In June, to coincide with Pony Express Days, we gave away a Wii to new customers, which enjoyed about the same success as the Xbox promotion the previous year. All of these device promotions were designed to migrate customers towards using streaming video as their primary entertainment source, because that not only increases the value of our service from a commodity to a premium product, but also, once they become dependent on their internet for video entertainment purposes, they are less likely to leave us for a wireless competitor. We conducted a couple of customer survey during the year, and found that 66% of our customers said they now use online streaming of video as their primary entertainment source.

Also during June, we announced new broadband speeds for all customers, with our basic speed starting at 8Mb, and our fastest speed on offer at 50Mb. This was designed around our main wireless competitors offerings, which had 7Mb as their top speed. Of course, by the end of the year they had also reacted and changed their packages to advertise 10Mb and 15Mb speeds.

After Pony Express Days we cut back on advertising until December, when we rolled out a Kindle Fire as a Christmas promotion, which emphasized making the internet fun—since the new Kindle could stream video, download apps, and play games. The Kindle promotion ended up being our most successful marketing campaign of 2011.

However, 2011 was an interesting year for marketing with the maturing of social media, which for the first time played an important part of our integrated marketing, and opened up a new target media market for us, since we could now target internet customers living only in Eagle Mountain and we began spending a significant portion of our advertising budget on facebook ads.

We began the year by splitting our facebook page into two separate pages for Idaho and Utah, to make it more relevant to each market. Acquiring fans was a slow process at the beginning, until we learned the only sure way to entice more customers to our page was with online promotions for facebook fans.  By the end of the year we had over 500 customers on our Eagle Mountain facebook page. See

Navigating social media has been a learning experience for us, and we have had to learn to take the good with the bad, as dissatisfied customers also like to use our page as a soapbox, but overall it has been a positive experience for both the company and our customers, and we actually implemented a lot of good suggestions made by customers on our page through our interactions this year.

We presented on the subject of social media at the annual Utah Rural Telephone Association meeting in St George.

Direct Communications Cedar Valley’s own Brenda Caldwell was named Utah Valley’s Raddest Receptionist by Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine, and Brenda was featured in the Fall 2011 issue.

Probably the most significant change during 2011 was the sale of our wireless internet business to Digis, after being one of the first companies in southeast Idaho to offer wireless internet over 10 years ago. We made this decision primarily so that we could focus on our core business of growing our fiber optic network in Idaho and developing our wired internet products, including our cable and DSL technologies. The money from the sale would be reinvested into developing the products where we have a real competitive advantage. Read more about this move at:

Immediately after the sale of our wireless business, we launched the ESPN3 broadband channel for our high-speed customers in Idaho. 2011 turned out to be a great year to offer ESPN3, because BYU football, which many of our customers follow, went independent largely on an ESPN broadcasting contract, and so most of their games were streamed online on ESPN3 this year.

We were also kept very busy working with the three major national mobile phone providers to construct and deliver fiber optic service to most of the cell phone towers in the area, so that they could offer more data to their customers, and we also now wholesale broadband service to most of our competitors in the area. Without an extensive fiber optic network, our rural economy in Idaho would not be able to function in this information age. As our tagline claims, we are the future of broadband technology in the rural areas we serve.

ESPN3 November Programming Highlights

ESPN3 is your new home for College Basketball

ESPN3 is the online home for sports fan to watch LIVE sporting events through a simple to use, interactive online video player. ESPN3 offers a wide array of event programming options, allowing your customers to choose live events or recently completed games. Most events available on ESPN3 will be original and/or exclusive to the service, while others will be broadband-enhanced versions of games from one of ESPN’s television platforms. ESPN3 is the online destination for sports fans to watch their favorite teams wherever they are.

430+ Events in November 2011


115+ live College Football games, including 10 exclusive games

9 exclusive CFL games including the Grey Cup


Start of College Basketball with 135+ men’s and women’s games, including 48 exclusive games

Start of the NBA season with 13 games

10 exclusive EuroLeague games

65+ soccer matches from USA soccer, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS and college soccer, including 61 exclusive matches


Nearly 150 hours of ATP tennis

Additional Events

World Series of Poker Final Table live
Breeder’s Cup
Exclusive NHRA
College Volleyball & Soccer
Venezuelan Baseball
Veteran’s Day Boxing
REMAX World Long Drive Championship
Argentine Polo
French Top 14 Rugby

Directcom Customers in Idaho now have Access to Your Favorite Sports. Live. Online.

Direct Communications is pleased to announce that our broadband customers in Idaho on our DSL, Fiber Optic and Cable Internet Networks now have access to Means More College Basketball

Direct Communications is the only Internet Provider in Southeast Idaho that gives you access to this fantastic online sports network. Plus, if you are a Direct Communications Broadband customer, is now available on Xbox LIVE! is a broadband network for live sports programming that harnesses the quality that ESPN has built through its TV networks. delivers more than 3,500 live online events a year from your favorite sports through a rich, interactive, and easy-to-use experience. Features of the website include the ability to watch multiple games simultaneously, real-time stats and scoreboards, live chat for interacting with friends and other fans, and much more!

Direct Communications means faster streaming broadband. Our fiber optic network allows you to enjoy speeds up to 20Mb, so you can watch streaming video the way it was meant to be viewed. No throttling and no monthly usage caps means you can enjoy unlimited, high-quality, online viewing.

To watch ESPN3 go to our homepage at and click on the ESPN3 logo.

New features and functionality updates at launch:

New Viewing Modes – Multiple options to watch live events, including picture-in-picture and split screens;

New Scoreboard Module – Up-to-the-minute scores from hundreds of sports leagues from around the world;

Stats – In-depth event stats that allow fans to track the event they’re watching;

Chat – Interact with other fans watching the game;

Enhanced Schedule – Users will be able to find a specific event via improved navigation;

Social Networking Tools –Update your Facebook and Twitter status.

Key Plays feature where users will be able to jump to key scoring plays and pivotal moments at any time during the game.

Network Description:
Watch more than 3,500 live sports events a year including college basketball, college football, MLB, NBA, PGA and tennis championships

  • Customize your viewing experience with a selection of features
  • Select from a menu of live or recently completed games and events
  • Watch up to 4 LIVE games all at the same time with a variety of viewing modes
  • Ability to CHAT LIVE with your friend in the Chat room
  • Live scores and an analysis
  • With your High Speed Internet connection, log onto away from home with Remote Access Programming:

• Tennis

– Coverage of all 4 Grand Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open)

– Over 1600 live hours of Grand Slam tennis including simultaneous streams of outer-court coverage


– The Masters: First and Second Round coverage in addition to the Par 3 Contest

– US Open: First and Second Rounds in addition to specific Par 3 hole coverage

– Open Championship: All 4 Rounds in addition to specific Par 3 hole coverage


– Up to 37 games of the NCAA Baseball Championship including all games from the College World Series in Omaha.


– 76 total games (Monday/Wednesday/Sunday) in addition to the Home Run Derby, All-Star Celebrity Softball game, MLB Futures All-Star game & World Series Championship Parade

• NBA Playoffs

– Up to 27 NBA Playoff games including First Round & Conference Semifinal action as well as all games from the Conference Finals (each year rotates between Eastern & Western Conference Finals)

• Soccer

– Over 650 soccer games per year

– Coverage from major leagues/tournaments including the FIFA tournaments, US Soccer, Italian Serie A, Portuguese Liga, Italian Cup, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Dutch League, German Cup, MLS and NCAA

• College Basketball

– Over 1000 men’s and women’s basketball games per year including over 170 Championship Week games

– Approx 10-15 exclusive games per year

– Coverage of all major conferences

• College Football

– Over 350 games per year including over 20 Bowl games

– 40 exclusive games this season

– Coverage from all BCS conferences

Please note:

Offer available to broadband customers in Direct Communications’ phone exchange and cable franchise areas in Idaho only. Broadband Internet required. Listed speeds are approximate and may vary depending on line conditions. You will be  authorized to  receive “up to” listed download and upload speeds. You must have fiber-to-the-home to receive 20Mb speeds. If you are on copper, 12Mb is the current top speed.

Direct Communications can take any action to protect our network, our rights and interests. We reserve the right to cancel or change service plan offerings at anytime without notification to subscribers. HD video quality where available from media content provider and dependent on line conditions and speed. interface may differ from image shown. All online media content sold separately. See for for details about service and Terms of Use. Broadband internet required. Directcom is not responsible for support or troubleshooting of  All warranties and technical support are through ESPN. May require extra hardware to install. You will need an Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription to access ESPN3 through Xbox live.