WatchTVEverywhere now available FREE to all Directcom Cable TV customers

Online interface for watchTVeverywhere.

Online interface for watchTVeverywhere.

Directcom is pleased to announce the launch of a fantastic new online feature available to all Directcom Cable TV customers in Idaho: WatchTVeverywhere. Watch TV Everywhere allows you to view your favorite channels online on any device from anywhere you have internet access at anytime. If you are away from home and don’t want to miss your favorite show, as long as you have internet access, you can log in and use your smart phone, laptop or tablet as your TV. Plus, you can use the online library to access your favorite content, like past episodes, online anytime, so prime time is whenever you want it to be. This is a wonderfully convenient way to watch TV.

WatchTVeverywhere is really about freedom. No longer do you have to be tied to your couch or living room to watch your favorite shows. Watch anywhere, anytime.

While Directcom pays for each customer to have access to WatchTVeverywhere, we are giving this service away to you for FREE, as a value-added feature to your regular cable TV service, to thank you for being a loyal cable TV customer, so we hope each customer will use it and enjoy the great benefits of this online video entertainment portal.

WatchTVEverywhere has your favorite current shows and episodes.

WatchTVEverywhere has your favorite current shows and episodes.

Sports fans will be especially excited to know that as a Directcom Cable customer, you will have full access too all subscribed networks on the WatchESPN app thanks to our partnership with WatchTVEverywhere. In the past, Directcom internet customers were only able to access content shown on the ESPN3 network. Now, if you are also a cable TV customer, you will be able to log in to the WatchESPN app under Direct Communications Cable, and access all games shown on ESPN and ESPN2, online, and while you are away from home. This is another great reason to choose your local cable company – note that DirecTV does NOT offer any online access to ESPN to it’s customers.

Even if you are at home, use WatchTVeverywhere as an extra TV screen, or as your personal entertainment library. It’s kind of like having a free Netflix subscription, but even better, because WatchTVeverywhere has current, live shows.

This launch is an ongoing process–new channels are being added to our WatchTVEverywhere portal everyday. To use WatchTVEverywhere, you must first complete a one-time registration. To get started, visit, select “Direct Communications” your cable service provider from the drop-down menu, and click “submit.” Make sure you have your last invoice handy – you’ll need your account number, and the correct spelling of the last name on the account. Click “Register” to start the registration process. After you have registered, click “Log In,” and enter your username and password. Click on the TV Network you want to watch, and you’ll see a list of available programs.

WTVE_banner1What is WatchTVEverywhere?

WatchTVEverywhere is a service that allows cable TV subscribers to view TV programs on devices other than a TV set. This can include a PC, a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How is WTVE different from Hulu, Netflix, or other streaming services?
supportTVE-ncontent>It’s FREE. There’s no extra charge to use it.
It includes live TV. Hulu and Netflix only offer previously recorded shows.
It has full episodes of current shows. For instance, episodes of The Closer and Leverage on TNT are available within days of their premier.

How much does it cost?
Nothing! At this time, there’s no extract cost for WatchTVEverywhere, so feel free to explore. There is nothing on the site that will result in an extra cost to you (except overage charges from your cellular carrier, if applicable). As long as you can receive the TV Network in your “regular” cable channel lineup, you may view that network’s TV Everywhere content, if available.

Where can I WatchTVEverywhere?
WTVE works anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: in your house, at work, at the mall, at a hotel, the airport, a vacation home- anywhere! Wired connections and in-home WiFi will provide the best overall quality. The quality of WatchTVEverywhere service while traveling (airports, stores, etc) will vary with the signal strength and bandwidth of the Internet connection you use. Be extra careful when traveling, especially outside the U.S. Data roaming charges may apply, and they can be very expensive.

What shows can I watch?
Each TV network makes their own decision about what to offer on WatchTVEverywhere. For example, the live feed of CNN is available, but the live feed of TBS is not. Instead, TBS offers full episodes of their popular programs.

Why aren’t all programs available?
A TV network doesn’t necessarily own all the rights to all the programs they transmit. A network may have the right to transmit a movie, but only to TV sets, and not on WatchTVEverywhere. It all depends on the network.

Will other networks become available?
Yes! We’re working with many different programming providers to expand the number of networks, and the number of shows available on WatchTVEverywhere. Registered users are presented with the complete list of all the networks available to them. When new networks are added, you will see them in your menu of available programs when you log in.

How do I sign up for WatchTVEverywhere?
To use WatchTVEverywhere, you must first complete a one-time registration. To get started, visit, select your cable service provider from the drop-down menu, and click “submit.” Make sure you have your last invoice handy – you’ll need your account number, and the correct spelling of the last name on the account. Click “Register” to start the registration process.

How do I use WatchTVEverywhere?
Visit Click “Log In,” and enter your username and password. Click on the TV Network you want to watch, and you’ll see a list of available programs.

What can I watch?
You can watch any WatchTVEverywhere program as long as it’s on a network you subscribe to in your cable TV package. For example, you must subscribe to HBO through your cable company in order to watch HBO’s WatchTVEverywhere programs.

What devices can I use?
Nearly all WTVE programs are available on all devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone). Some networks may not have made all their programs available on all devices.

How many different devices can I use?
There’s no limit to the number of devices you can use, however TV networks may limit the number you can use at the same time. Remember, it’s important to keep your username and password confidential. Use of your credentials by others will result in the loss of your WTVE privileges.

Does WatchTVEverywhere count against my mobile data plan?
Direct Communications does not limit or cap your data, so you can stream as much as you like if you are using Direct Communications Internet at your home. However, if you are using mobile data through your cell phone carrier, watching TVEverywhere will count against your wireless/mobile data cap. Check your data plan before you use WatchTVEveryhwere on a smart phone or wireless network. WTVE programs transmit a lot of data. This can be expensive if you have a limited data plan. We have no way to know when you have exceeded your data plan’s limits. You are responsible for all charges billed to you by your mobile carrier. Now Available to Direct Communications’ Broadband Customers in Eagle Mountain. Your Favorite Sports. Live. Online.

 Direct Communications is pleased to announce that our customers in Eagle Mountain now have access to Means More College Basketball

Direct Communications is the only Internet Provider in Eagle Mountain that gives you access to this fantastic online sports network. Plus, if you are a Direct Communications Broadband customer, is now available on Xbox LIVE! is a broadband network for live sports programming that harnesses the quality that ESPN has built through its TV networks. delivers more than 3,500 live online events a year from your favorite sports through a rich, interactive, and easy-to-use experience. Features of the website include the ability to watch multiple games simultaneously, real-time stats and scoreboards, live chat for interacting with friends and other fans, and much more!

Direct Communications is the fastest, most reliable, high-speed internet connection in Eagle Mountain. Our fiber optic network allows you to enjoy speeds up to 20Mb, so you can watch streaming video the way it was meant to be viewed. No throttling and no monthly usage caps means you can enjoy unlimited, high-quality, online viewing.

To watch ESPN3 go to our homepage at and click on the ESPN3 logo.

New features and functionality updates at launch:

New Viewing Modes – Multiple options to watch live events, including picture-in-picture and split screens;

New Scoreboard Module – Up-to-the-minute scores from hundreds of sports leagues from around the world;

Stats – In-depth event stats that allow fans to track the event they’re watching;

Chat – Interact with other fans watching the game;

Enhanced Schedule – Users will be able to find a specific event via improved navigation;

Social Networking Tools –Update your Facebook and Twitter status.

A Key Plays feature where users will be able to jump to key scoring plays and pivotal moments at any time during the game.

Network Description:
Watch more than 3,500 live sports events a year including college basketball, college football, MLB, NBA, PGA and tennis championships

  • Customize your viewing experience with a selection of features
  • Select from a menu of live or recently completed games and events
  • Watch up to 4 LIVE games all at the same time with a variety of viewing modes
  • Ability to CHAT LIVE with your friend in the Chat room
  • Live scores and an analysis
  • With your High Speed Internet connection, log onto away from home with Remote Access Programming:

• Tennis

                – Coverage of all 4 Grand Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open)

                – Over 1600 live hours of Grand Slam tennis including simultaneous streams of outer-court coverage


                – The Masters: First and Second Round coverage in addition to the Par 3 Contest

                – US Open: First and Second Rounds in addition to specific Par 3 hole coverage

                – Open Championship: All 4 Rounds in addition to specific Par 3 hole coverage


                – Up to 37 games of the NCAA Baseball Championship including all games from the College World Series in Omaha.


                – 76 total games (Monday/Wednesday/Sunday) in addition to the Home Run Derby, All-Star Celebrity Softball game, MLB Futures All-Star game & World Series Championship Parade

• NBA Playoffs

                – Up to 27 NBA Playoff games including First Round & Conference Semifinal action as well as all games from the Conference Finals (each year rotates between Eastern & Western Conference Finals)

• Soccer

                – Over 650 soccer games per year

                – Coverage from major leagues/tournaments including the FIFA tournaments, US Soccer, Italian Serie A, Portuguese Liga, Italian Cup, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Dutch League, German Cup, MLS and NCAA

• College Basketball

                – Over 1000 men’s and women’s basketball games per year including over 170 Championship Week games

                – Approx 10-15 exclusive games per year

                – Coverage of all major conferences

• College Football

                – Over 350 games per year including over 20 Bowl games

                – 40 exclusive games this season

                – Coverage from all BCS conferences

Please note:

Offer available to broadband customers in Direct Communications’ phone exchange in Eagle Mountain only. Broadband Installation is free with a 1-year commitment. Listed speeds are approximate and may vary depending on line conditions. You will be  authorized to  receive “up to” listed download and upload speeds. You must have fiber-to-the-home to receive 20Mb speeds. If you are on copper, 12Mb is the current top speed. Read the full DSL terms of use online at

Direct Communications can take any action to protect our network, our rights and interests. We reserve the right to cancel or change service plan offerings at anytime without notification to subscribers. HD video quality where available from media content provider and dependent on line conditions and speed. interface may differ from image shown. All online media content sold separately. See for for details about service and Terms of Use. Broadband internet required. Directcom is not responsible for support or troubleshooting of  All warranties and technical support are through ESPN. May require extra hardware to install. You will need an Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription to access ESPN3 through Xbox live.