Front exterior of new building will be similar to the existing Direct Communications commercial building.

Eagle Mountain City Economic Development Board is seeking doctors for Eagle Mountain, and just approved construction of new 12,000-square foot commercial office building in Prairie Gate Business Park, at the entrance to the Ranches in Eagle Mountain. This potential new medical campus will be ready for move-in by July 2013. Available office space is currently being target-marketed to doctors and medical services by the building’s owners, Direct Communications, Eagle Mountain’s local broadband company.

This two-story building will be Eagle Mountain’s premiere new commercial destination, in a prime location at the corner of Ranches Parkway and State Highway 73, where most residents of Eagle Mountain must pass every day on their way in and out of the city. As an additional bonus for active professionals, this building will be conveniently located on the golf course.

Construction will begin in March 2013. Office space is now available to be built under contract, with pads available for custom design from 1200 square feet to up to 9000 square feet.

In addition to unique high-end finishes and quality construction, your new office will feature the most advanced, state-of-the art networking technology available today, and will be wired to support multi-gigabit ethernet broadband circuits. You will be directly connected to the national internet backbone with fiber optic cable to the premises, so that all your current and future bandwidth needs will be met. Your office will be part of the fastest, most reliable broadband network in the state. This building will also be supported by an outdoor electronic sign which will be made available to tenants for advertising and publicity.

To reserve and begin designing your new dream office space, please contact Diane Bradshaw, at 801 789 2800, or email [email protected]


“Eagle Mountain City is a master-planned community that captures a neighborhood feel in the midst of Utah’s urban corridor. Since its incorporation in December 1996, the city’s population has grown from 250 residents to more than 23,000, becoming one of the state’s fastest growing communities. We are the third largest city geographically in Utah.
Beyond space and growth, Eagle Mountain City has much to offer prospective employers. Three major universities are located within a 30 minute drive of our city and over 60% of Eagle Mountain adults have college degrees. The community is vibrant and family-oriented. Over 80% of households have children, with an average household size of 4.68.
Eagle Mountain residents enjoy quiet, safe neighborhoods with plenty of open space where families can play and spend time together. The city’s master plan includes more than 30 miles of jogging, bike, and horse trails, connecting Eagle Mountain’s residential developments. In a 2011 citizen satisfaction survey, more than 93% of residents rated their quality of life as “good” or “excellent.”

Opening Ceremony & Ribbon Cutting for New Direct Communications Building in Eagle Mountain


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After months of hard work, Direct Communications was able to open the doors to their new building on Campus Drive in Eagle Mountain in February, 2011.  Our grand opening was held in June, along with the ribbon cutting of the Eagle Mountain City business incubator program.

In attendance were board members of the Lehi Chamber of Commerce, Eagle Mountain City Economic Development officials, the Mayor and the new business incubator tenants who will be starting up businesses as part of the partner program between the City and Directcom to encourage the growth of local businesses in Eagle Mountain

The building has 8 “pods”, or office spaces, approximately 2500 square feet each.  Direct Communications houses four of the pods, Beyond Limits Physical Therapy occupies one pod, and the Eagle Mountain City incubator program has the remaining three pods.  After working in two separate areas for several years, Direct Communications was excited to have all of their employees at the same location.

The private-public partnership between Direct Communications and Eagle Mountain City to create the incubator program is unlike any other project in the nation.  Mayor Heather Jackson called it “complete and utter innovation.  We have figured out our destiny, and we are opening our arms and inviting everyone here.”  The program allows participants to lease office space for three years, at no cost during the first year.  Business are given phone service and free internet services from Direct Communcations , along with a reception area, conference room, copy and fax equipment, av equipment, a break room, and janitorial services.  “We help startups with the hopes that they will move into our City,” said Ifo Pili, Eagle Mountain City Economic Development Director.

Direct Communications is proud of the hard work and dedication they give to their customers.  As Diane Bradshaw, Administrator for Direct Communications said, “having a new, professional building gives us the opportunity to show the customer we are dedicated to Eagle Mountain and are invested in our community.  Customers love coming in to pay their bill and check out our new facility and our employees love coming to work everyday to our beautiful offices.  Direct Communications is here to stay!”