KSL–Salt Lake Broadcast to Cease in the McCammon, Downey and Lava areas.

Local television broadcasting networks like KPVI (Idaho Falls – Pocatello) have specific rights under the FCC Network non-duplication rules which protect them from another television station broadcasting their affiliate network programming within their designated area.

Recently, the new owners of the Idaho NBC affiliate, KPVI, have requested that we remove KSL from our cable channel lineup in certain towns, since they have exclusive broadcast rights for NBC within a designated footprint market area.  As a result, we regret to inform you that we can no longer carry KSL–Salt Lake in the McCammon, Downey and Lava areas.

We will cease broadcasting of KSL – Salt Lake on 10/15/2014 in those areas.  We understand that you may not agree with this FCC rule but we are required to honor it.

http://live.ksl.com/ online streaming interface

http://live.ksl.com/ online streaming interface

The good news is you can now stream KSL live online at http://live.ksl.com/.  So, you can still watch your favorite Salt Lake City news and local shows online. Contact us to get the internet speed you need to get the best streaming experience.

And of course the nationally syndicated shows that NBC carries will still be available to watch on KPVI.

We truly appreciate you choosing Direct Communications for your services and appreciate your understanding.

About Brigham Griffin
Brigham Griffin, Marketing Director for Direct Communications, has been with the company since 2005. Brigham has an MBA from the University of Utah, and a BA in Communications from Brigham Young University. He is a Professional in Residence at Utah Valley University, and also serves as an adjunct professor of marketing at Idaho State University.

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