How do I set up my new e-bill account online?

We are pleased to have  upgraded to a new billing system this month. This new system will give both you as a customer and us a lot more features that will make the billing process more convenient. However, there will be a couple of changes you need to be aware of, and some action is required on your part:

Your new bill format (starting August) will look slightly different. It will also be mailed from our new billing system vendor in Nebraska, instead of from our office in Rockland. You may not recognize the new envelope, so don’t throw it away by mistake.

Your account number will change. You will receive a new 9-digit account number, which you will see on your new statement.

If you are a current Ebill customer, or pay your bill online, you will need to set up your online account again in our new online billing site, managed by PayDQ. All of these services can be conducted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a safe way to save time, money and frustration. Best of all, this is a free service.

The buttons you click from our homepage will stay the same—but the page you are directed to afterwards will look slightly different.

Idaho Customers: To set up your new account now, go to

Eagle Mountain Customers: To set up your new account now, go to

You will need your new account number to register as a new user, so we will only make the new site active on our homepage after the August bill has been sent out. You will receive a paper bill again until you register on the new ebill site. You will need to register as a new user to set up your ebill again. Once you are registered, you will now have the ability to view your current statement online, pay your bill with either a credit card or checking account, set up automatic payments and choose the date you want the payment withdrawn each month and view up to 13 months of past statements.

You will have 90 days to register for your new ebill account, after which we will begin charging again for a paper bill. (Telephone customers won’t be charged to be sent a paper bill.)

How do I set up my new e-bill account online?

Go to and click on “account online” then “Idaho”, if you are an Idaho customer. If you are an Eagle Mountain customer, you would choose “Utah.”

You will be directed to a welcome page that says: “Welcome to the new Direct Communications automated bill payment system.” Click on “continue.”

You will then arrive at the Payment Center Log on screen.

Click on “Not signed up yet? Click here to register.”

You will then need to enter your new 9-digit Account Number (which will be on your new paper bill) preceded with a “0.” This will make it into a 10-digit number, which is required by PayDQ. (eg: if your account number is 123456789, you will put a 0 in front so that your 10-digit number is 0123456789.) You will also need to enter a one-time preset Security Code to register for the first time.

This security code will be “799” plus the last four digits of your main number, if you are an Idaho customer.

The security code will be “797” plus the last four digits of your main number, if you are an Eagle Mountain customer.

Your main number is the primary telephone or network number associated with your account, and will appear on the bottom right hand side of the first page of your paper bill. You will need to check that you have read the terms of use, then click “continue”.
(If you need help registering for the first time, please call our main office for customer service and billing, and we can provide you with the necessary login information and guide you through the setup process.)

You will then be in a registration form where you will have to enter your email address, (this should be the address you want your monthly ebill alert sent to) and choose a new username and password for your online billing account.

Your username cannot have any spaces. Your user name is case sensitive, must be between 6 and 16 characters in length and there are no spaces or special characters allowed. Enter a valid password. Password must include number(s), upper and lower case letters, and must be atleast 6 characters in length. Finally, password cannot be one of the last four passwords used. Once you have successfully completed the required fields, and hit “submit,” you will be taken to a “registration complete page,” and asked to sign back in.

Also, if you have successfully created your account, after a few minutes, you should get an email confirmation from [email protected], at the email address you entered during the registration process.

The next time you log into your online account, you will log in with your own chosen username and password.

Once inside your account you will be able to see your latest statement, view past statements, set up autopay/schedule monthly recurring payments from a financial account of your choice, make a one time payment online, and do lots of other easy, convenient things. For help with using or setting up your new online account, visit our FAQ page at

What won’t change?

Monthly payments should still be sent to the same address.

Payments are still due on the 15th of each month.

Thanks for your support. We appreciate your business and hope you will be patient with us as we implement these changes.

If you have any questions or concerns about your new bill, or how to set up your new ebill, please call us at 208 548 2345 (Idaho customers) or 801 789 2800 (Utah customers)

About Brigham Griffin
Brigham Griffin, Marketing Director for Direct Communications, has been with the company since 2005. Brigham has an MBA from the University of Utah, and a BA in Communications from Brigham Young University. He is a Professional in Residence at Utah Valley University, and also serves as an adjunct professor of marketing at Idaho State University.

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  1. Thanks very much for posting this! I have been trying to set up my e-bill account for a few days now, and I seem to keep running into problems. This will definitely help me out!

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